Friday, January 18, 2008

The Politics of Idiocy

Two incidents in the past week make me think that politics in this
country has really fallen into the hands of the idiots. I know this
isn't earth shaking, but these two incidents are truly egregiously

First, John Edwards thinks we are all idiots. He claims he will make
health care affordable to all of us. Just ask the people of North
Carolina how affordable his actions have made health care there. John
Edwards made a fortune suing doctors and hospitals claiming they were
responsible for cerebral palsy because of mistakes they had made during
normal, vaginal deliveries. However, according to a number of sources,
including the National Review (in 2004) and the Wall Street Journal
(2004), this simply isn't true. Edwards built his legal and political
career on junk science and the idiocy of juries. His actions, according
to The National Review, raised medical malpractice insurance in North
Carolina by over 400 per cent. It's a safe bet that his actions were
copied by other trial lawyers (we used to call them ambulance chasers in
the old days) resulting in similar increases nationwide. More and more
women are being forced to undergo the surgical procedure of a Cesarean
section because doctors and insurance companies fear doing normal,
vaginal deliveries. Secondly, do you think the doctors and insurance
companies simply eat the increases from the law suits? Obviously, they
pass this along to us. So, John Edwards may have done more than any
other individual to single-handily raise medical costs in this country.
Now, he wants us to believe that he will help hold down our medical
costs -- he must think we're as idiotic as the jurors he hoodwinked in
North Carolina.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton's speech linking the visionary dream of Martin
Luther King, Jr., to the practicality of politics with Lyndon B. Johnson
enacting civil rights legislation was brilliant (much as I hate to admit
that Clinton made such a terrific speech). Then, Barack Obama and his
supporters (and Clinton's opponents) jumped on her for "insensitive"
or even "racist" remarks. Even the London Times is calling this a
"gaffe." What the hell?! She said the truth. MLK had a great vision.
But it took a president, LBJ, to make that dream come true. Obviously,
Clinton was trying to make the point that she, as president, would be in
a position to enact visionary legislation. Her meaning is obvious to
the meanest of intelligences. Nobody with a moderately functioning
brain could believe that Clinton is a racist. Those who accused her and
her speech of being racist are idiots. Either they believe what they
are saying (which makes them idiots) or they are simply manipulating us
(which makes us idiots for believing what is not reasonable).
In both cases, it's time for Americans to stop reacting to politics
emotionally and start using reason. This country has too many problems
to keep electing idiots. Vote for candidates who make reasoned,
rational arguments. Of course, if I believe this will actually happen,
then I'm the biggest idiot of all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rich,
A great post. It is amazing that all three major Democratic candidates are lawyers married to lawyers. Edwards is the trial lawyer of the group and you are so right about him!


Anonymous said...

As a resident of South Carolina, I, along with the rest of the state, have been inundated with John Edwards campaign ads over the several weeks leading up to the Democratic party primary here. Beside spewing populist notions of economics (which are especially idiotic -- as they have virtually nothing to do with the way in which in a free market economy works, but which always play well to the ignorant), I have been forced to watch him stand in front a closed textile mill and hear John proclaim, "My daddy worked in a mill like this...." Of course, he wants everyone to think that his daddy was a poor cottonhead mill worker and a "victim" of the system. What he doesn't say? Daddy was, in reality, an industrial engineer who managed the flippin' mill in which he worked.

Hillary, no doubt, was spot on with her remarks about MLK and LBJ, and anyone with a lick of sense would recognize 1) the truth in what she said and 2) that it takes nothing away from the work of either one of them. On economic issues, however, Hillary, like many Democrats, is a blazing idiot, otherwise known as a socialist. For example, are we all looking forward to universal health care (otherwise known as turning the whole country into General Motors)? By the way, everyone will be required under Hillary's plan to have health insurance. That means that if you don't get it at work, you have to buy it. And if you don't buy it, you get fined. Whether you can afford to buy it does not enter into the equation. Idiocy. This incidentally is essentially the same plan as Romney's in Massachusetts. Never let it be said that the Republicans don't have their fair share of idiots. Many folks in Massachusetts, who cannot afford to purchase health insurance, are being fined for not having it. And, of course, they are paying the fine, because the fine is cheaper than the insurance that they can't afford to buy. So, they are too poor to get health insurance, and the answer to that is to fine them and take money that they don't have away from them. And somehow this is supposed to be helping those who have heretofore been unable to be insured, otherwise and often known as the poor. How are the poor being helped exactly?

By the way, I love the blog!