Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thankfully, History Doesn't Repeat Itself

Seriously, how could somebody be persecuted for his or her religious beliefs in this land of freedom? (I need a sarcastic font).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Pattern of Control

Same-sex "marriage" is part of the plan by some of the leading members of our government and their advisors to increase control over the citizens of this country.  It ties in with the abortion mandate in Obamacare. The obvious agenda is to increase the dependency of the citizenry on the government (this is why Mr. Obama and Ms Clinton have switched their stance on gay marriage from a few years ago).  The largest organization serving the poor in this country is the Catholic Church.  For the state to gain control over the millions of persons the Church aids through its various charitable wings, the organization must be gutted.  When Illinois passed their same-sex marriage law, the government used it to close down the largest organization in the country acting to rescue women and children from human trafficking -- because it was run by the Catholic Church which opposes same-sex marriage, as if this had anything to do with the mission of saving humans in bondage.  The current Supreme Court's decision will be used to sue organizations and individuals into submission or non-existence.  The government has already abolished the Conscience Clause with Obamacare.  There is a pattern.  A person could choose to ignore the pattern or delude himself or herself into believing this is the ravings of a paranoid, bigoted imbecile.  Or, just in case it might be an accurate assessment, start to think about how much their personal freedom is worth.