Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barrack Obama Is Jesus Christ

Senator Obama is perfect. Think about it. Apart from FOX News (with its obvious biases), have you read anything negative about Obama or heard anything critical of him on the national news? Since you have to be some kind of apocalyptic idiot to believe that the media is biased (just ask the media), then the only other logical explanation for Obama's perfection is that he is the second coming of the Savior. I'm a little disappointed because I thought there was supposed to be trumpets and cymbals announcing His return. I think there is also some mention of the dead rising from their rest. I guess Obama is waiting until his inauguration to raise the dead. To paraphrase one of my favorite groups, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer: Hallelujah, Noel. Be it heaven or hell, the political savior we get we deserve.


Steve said...


Steve said...

We must listen to different medias. During the course of this election cycle I've heard Obama called: ultra liberal, socialist, elitist, too-black, too-white, sexist, racist, a flip flopper, out of touch, naive, inexperienced, and on and on and on it goes. He's been linked by members of the media to Ayers, Wright, Osama, Saddam, Ahmadinejad, ACORN, and Count Chocula.

The fact is Obama's been through the media wringer the same as any other candidate, and he's come out the other side in one piece. And if he wins it won't be because all of the the press loves him, or because he's the Second Coming. Its because Republicans had their shot at running the country and have instead flushed it down the toilet.